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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Trends in Poster Printing for 2013

Poster printing is one of the most flexible and engaging types of media you can use for your business. And no one uses movie posters to better or more engaging effect than the film industry. If you want to create posters for your business, it’s worthwhile to study the trends of poster design in the film world. These movie studios spend millions of dollars on graphic design for posters every year; they are the trendsetters and the experts on this type of media design. 

So, in this article, we’ll discuss three of the top poster trends for 2013 so you can make a few choices of your own.

Trends in PosterPrinting: Orange and Black

One of the most common trends among movie poster printing—particularly in the realm of action-adventure movies—is the use of a black and white image with a splash of orange for color. You can see this trend in films such as “Bangkok Dangerous,” “Transporter,” and “The Expendables.” This is a particularly arresting style because the colors are so striking—this is perfect for conveying action, danger, and movement.

How best can this trend be adapted by the industry? Well, it can be used to great effect if your products are walking a thin line. Let’s say, for example, you need to advertise something that’s on the cutting edge, and need an arresting way to show how edgy the product is. This color combination invokes exactly the kind of action you want to show.

Trends in Poster Printing: Nature and Blue

Movie posters have long established the trend of nature shots set against a deep blue background. You can see this in examples like the posters for “Fly Away Home,” “Flipper,” and “White Fang 2.” These are gorgeous, evocative posters that can be used to great effect if you want to create an image that incorporates nature into your business.

For example, if you have a nursery and want to advertise a new type of plant you are selling, you can use the nature shots and deep blue background to great effect. Other industries that can use this type of composition well include aquariums, pet stores, zoos, botanic gardens, and any business that wants to advertise an eco-friendly product.

Trends in Poster Printing: The Mosaic Look

Another popular trend in poster design is the mosaic look, especially the mosaic look imposed onto a single object that takes up most of the poster. In movie posters, you can spot this trend on posters for “The Truman Show,” “The Next Three Days,” and “Lord of War.” This mosaic look adds depth, visual interest, and texture to the flat surface of a poster, because it is composed of hundreds of tiny images that are fitted together to make one large image.
This look can be particularly compelling if you have a lot to share, and don’t want to clutter your poster with words. By using the mosaic technique, you can use many small pictures that add together to tell the larger story of what you want to sell.


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